Blog post about my blog: Blog moved.

I've converted my blog to WordPress blog, and as such, I've moved my blogger blog to make room for the new blog. My new blog can be found at my old blog's location, seanblog.com. All blog blogging will be blogged at the new blog's location, which until mid-July 2007, was the location of the old blog, but is now the new blog's blogging space. For all new blog blogs, please visit my blog at seanblog.com.


Sometimes I like all-nighters

But not on my birthday.

That's right, it's 12:16am on my birthday, and I'm sitting at my desk. Been here since 1pm, with only a brief intermission around 8 when I met Sonja for dinner.

So why am I posting to a blog I have neglected for so long? Because I am a terrible procrastinator. That's another reason I'm here, and will probably be here until 5pm on Monday (assuming my body holds out).

The majority of the blame for my late night tonight rests on the shoulders of a certain software company (whom I will not mention) and their rather crappy product. I have been wrestling with this pile of crap for five weeks now, and it should have taken one, maybe two at the most. I've spent more time on the phone with customer support than I have spent using the program, and even now, with our client presentation less than 15 hours away, I'm still not sure everything is going to work.

Anyway, this was a venting post because I needed to vent. The job is still going well, it's just the clients that suck. Stay tuned for the next project: anthropomorphic volleyballs!


I'm Not Dead Yet.

A fully-detailed post will come soon. Here are some brief notes of what's been going on:

1. Sonja and I bought a house! We move in May 19th.
2. Sonja got a new car! It's a lot like mine.
3. The new job is three months old, and it's going great, but incredibly busy.
4. I won another Telly, another Videographer award, and a couple others but I forgot which ones.

I'm sure there is more that I am forgetting. There have been a lot of topics that I have meant to write about, but just have not had the time. One of these days I hope to make a complete entry, and when I do, it will be awesome, 'cause that's how I roll.